Get Your Second Citizenship
in Portugal

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While Earning Hands-Off Passive Income
in the Country’s Fast-Growing Industry

In recent years, the American status symbol is no longer a private jet, yacht, or hotel. Of course, the super-rich started the trend. For safety reasons and the privilege to be able to travel to their favorite countries anytime, they started to buy second citizenship.

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Portugal Residency is the new trend

Portugal has long been known as a high-quality tourist hotspot, due to its beautiful landscapes, great food, and perfect weather.

In the past decade, it has also evolved into a prime destination for high earners around the World.

One of the reasons is the relaxed pace of life, as the country usually ranks in the top 3 of any list of expats’ favorite countries to live.

Its stability, modern institutions, and safety are also a plus, as Portugal is considered the 3rd safest country in the world according to the Global Peace Index.

There are many good reasons why so many people want to make Portugal their second home. But for them, the path is not easy.

For most people, the process involves heavy bureaucracy and long waiting periods associated with an overcrowded immigration process.

But for a privileged few there is an easier way: to qualify for the Non-Habitual Resident Status, commonly known as the Golden VISA.

The Golden VISA allows an easy and convenient way for high net worth individuals and their families to obtain full residency status in the European Union, with a clear path to full citizenship within 5 years.

And all this without having to actually stay in the country more than 7 days a year on average…

How to invest your way 
into the path for Portugal Citizenship

The Portugal Government is welcoming you with open arms via the Golden Visa program. The program offers you a rare opportunity to acquire resident status in Portugal, and a clear path to a passport or citizenship, by investing at least €350,000 in a qualifying Investment Fund like ours. Our fund Villa Nova FCR Fund is a Private Equity Fund that invests primarily in the senior health sector.

In Portugal, the number of seniors has increased by 18% since 2010.
A combination of factors, such as

The increase in
life expectancy

The increase of
aging-related diseases

The National Health Service’s
struggles in fulfilling the
increased demand

And an increase in the
senior dependency index

…shows us there’s a real opportunity for providing 
top-tier services in the senior healthcare sector.

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What You’re Getting From the Investment…

We offer a yield of up to 4,5%
to all of our investors.

And when you invest €350,000 (the minimum amount to qualify for the Golden Visa program), we also offer a 3% yield distributed yearly… PLUS, 10% of a loyalty prize.

Also remember, on top of the return, you’re going to gain a residency permit for your family including your children, which could be renewed every two years. This benefit is priceless IF you’ve always wanted to make Portugal your second home.

Oh, by the way, all the legal fees for
getting a residency permit are on us!

Oh, by the way, all the legal fees for getting a residency permit are on us!

WARNING - Act Now, Time is a Factor!

If you feel like this is right for you, then
make sure to take action now.

Why? Two reasons:

1. This offer is only available for a very limited number of applicants. Given the demand for a residency permit in Portugal, you know that it won’t be available for a very long time.

2. From January 1st next year, the minimum investment for acquiring your Portugal citizenship will be increased to €500,000, so you can’t delay.

So why don’t you call us today?

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Disclaimer: Under Portuguese Law we have the duty to inform potential investors that returns cannot be guaranteed on any financial asset, and investors should be aware that any investment carries risk. The variable returns of up to 4,5% presented in the e-mail are estimates. The 3% fixed return is ensured by the fund to its participants.

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