The Silver Economy:
a Golden Opportunity

The world is aging, and Europe is aging faster than any other region in the world.

We believe that with every great problem come great opportunities.

That is the vision behind Villanova, a fund devoted to exploring the opportunities a senior population brings.

Villanova is based in Portugal, and meets the requirements for investors seeking the benefits of EU residency through the country’s Golden Visa program.

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Ageing Europe

If ranked among sovereign nations, the European Silver Economy, the economy of the population over 50 - would currently represent the third largest economy in the world, after the US and China.

Based on a study commissioned by the European Commission, the contribution of the European Silver Economy to GDP will reach €6.4 trillion and 88 million jobs by 2025. This would be equivalent to 32% of EU GDP and 38% of the Union’s employment. Official population projections suggest the Silver Economy will expand steadily over the next 10 years across the EU, with the potential to expand by approximately 5% per year up to 2025, to €5.7 trillion.

Ageing Portugal

With an 18% increase in it’s senior population since 2010, Portugal has the second fastest ageing population amongst developed nations, second only to Japan. Coupled with the increase of life expectancy (the country ranks 23rd in the World, higher than Germany, the United Kingdom or the United States) this represents an excellent opportunity for those operating in the healthcare and assisted living sectors, particularly in the higher echelons of the market, that will lack sufficient coverage for the foreseeable future.

The Villanova FCR Fund is a Portuguese, regulated, Private Equity Fund, reshaped in 2020 with a new investment policy and with an investment horizon until 2030, aimed at taking advantage of the opportunities presented by the growth of the Silver Economy in Portugal.

It invests primarily in specialized healthcare companies and facilities. With 30M€ (10M€ of Participation Units (UPs) type A and 20M€ of Participation Units type B) under management and with 3 working facilities and 3 under construction in its portfolio, it is welcoming investors to increase its equity until September 2022. The Target Yearly Distribution is 3% net profit.
Owner has the right to sell some or all of its shares at a predetermined price after 6 years of the initial investment date (Put Option).



Stable Returns

High growth sector, as demand increases faster than supply.

Low Risk

Low risk and two different types of investment, guaranteed sale after 5 years.


Invest in opportunities brought by changing demographics.


Authorized by the Portuguese Securities Market Commission.

Professional management

Managed by an experienced team and company with a proven track record.


Allows investor and family to qualify for Golden VISA.

* Under portuguese financial legislation we are not allowed to guarantee returns, and investors must be aware that all investments carry risk. The expected return for Villanova FCR is 3% for investors in Class B participation units (UP), while the Type A UPs’ return will be associated with the underlying assets’ yearly performance.

The managers

The Villanova fund is managed by Lynx Asset Managers, a specialized Asset Management company supervised by the Portuguese Securities Market Commission (CMVM). Founded in 2008, LYNX focuses on the management of Real Estate Investment Funds (open and closed Funds), Real Estate Investment Undertakings of corporate nature (SICAFI) and Venture Capital Funds.

An investor-friendly tax regime

The Portuguese tax regime views foreign investment in private equity funds in a favourable light compared to other classes of income and investment, with a lower effective tax rate, free remittance of funds, and over 60 double taxation treaties, including Malta, Macao and Hong Kong, and also more than 50 investment protection agreements.

Foreign investors can also enjoy the benefits of the non habitual resident status, commonly known as Golden ViSA (see below), that exempts all income earned abroad from local taxation, as well as providing all the benefits of EU residency and a path to citizenship.

Launched in 2012, the Portuguese Golden VISA programme has been instrumental in assisting thousands of high net worth individuals to establish themselves in the country. It includes a residency authorization that requires an investment and a minimum 7 day yearly stay in the country, and provides a path to citizenship after 5 years.

The Portuguese Government requires candidates to make an investment in the country, either in real estate, by creating a new company and jobs or purchasing units in an investment fund, and Villanova meets all the requirements for the Golden Visa. If you want to find out more about the Golden Visa and living in Portugal check this website.

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